Ocean Joy Cruises

Founded in 2003, Ocean Joy Cruises is a family-run company that combines the spirit of Hawaii with a passionate endeavor to provide a memorable oceanic experience. Operating on the scenic West Coast of Oahu, this venture has spent over a decade offering top-notch dolphin and whale watching, snorkeling, and sightseeing cruises.

Ocean Joy Cruises isn’t just another cruise company. They pride themselves on bringing the latest technology to their operations, fusing it with fresh, innovative ideas. The outcome? An unparalleled oceanic voyage that promises not just sights but memories. Their USP is the personal touch they bring to every adventure, which isn’t surprising given the family ethos at the company’s core.

The Man Behind The Dream – Shane Griffin

Every company has a story, a muse, and for Ocean Joy Cruises, it is Shane Griffin. With two decades of memories vacationing on Kaua’i, Shane’s heart belonged to the Na Pali Coast boat tours. The exhilaration of being on open waters, with Hawaii’s stunning beaches, mountains, and valleys unfurling before him, was an experience he wanted to share. This vision came to life when Shane explored the untouched charm of the Wai’anae Coast on O’ahu. It was a slice of paradise that had to be experienced by others.

A Crew Like No Other – Ocean Joy’s Ohana

Ocean Joy Cruises stands apart because of its crew, its ohana (family). True to Hawaii’s local traditions, the company believes in family first. It’s not just about hiring people; it’s about welcoming them into a larger family, ensuring that every crew member carries forth the company’s spirit and passion.

From sailors and surfers to naturalists and photographers, the crew is a diverse mix, yet united by one love: the ocean. Their shared passion ensures that guests don’t just observe but feel the beauty of Hawaii.

Kai ‘Oli’Oli: The Crown Jewel

Kai ‘Oli’Oli catamaran

“Joy on the ocean” – that’s what Kai ‘Oli’Oli translates to. In ancient Hawaii, names were symbolic, capturing the spirit they embodied. The Kai ‘Oli’Oli is not just a boat; it’s an embodiment of Ocean Joy Cruises’ spirit.

This state-of-the-art power catamaran promises both speed and range. Crafted with high-tech fiberglass composite, safety stands paramount with stainless steel railings that enclose the deck. A testament to its impeccable design and safety features, the US Coast Guard has honored Kai ‘Oli’Oli with the highest safety rating in its class.

Ocean Joy Cruises is more than just a cruise experience. It’s a journey crafted with passion, commitment, and a genuine love for the ocean. Whether you’re an adventure-seeker, a nature lover, or someone looking for a serene getaway, Ocean Joy Cruises promises a voyage that will be the highlight of your Hawaiian vacation. Dive into the joy of the ocean with them, and cherish a memory that will last a lifetime.